Embroidery Digitizing Service is all about the provision of facilities required to convert embroidery design art into a stitch file that can be read be embroidery machines for sewing on the fabric.Embroidery digitizing services create an embroidery pattern or design that is comparatively less expensive as it is created in a short duration of time.
We provide high quality embroidery digitizing services in unmatched and cheapest price tag. With very experience in Embroidery Digitizing Market, we are fully aware of all modern embroidery digitizing services and fulfill the basic needs of our valued customers and clients. You can quickly send us your logo or any other custom design or pattern, picture, photo etc to enjoy our Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service that we bet is matchless. You get the solution to all your embroidery digitizing needs here and we do it with perfection. With the best ever skills, we respect and present Best Embroidery Digitizing Services across the globe.
Try us to see our success in this business that we have done with many famous names in embroidery industry from many years. A positive impact is produced on the overall production by means of the smooth-running digitized designs that gave us a name in Embroidery Logo Digitizing Service. We assure that you will get the best deal with 100% accuracy and low price digitizing with us.

Other Services
You can seek vector and color separation related to any design. We can fix any bad artwork related to embroidery digitizing for you. You may also send your unfinished digitized design and the graphic team will finish it very professionally to best of your satisfaction. We also offer special discounts to our regular and large volume customers. We are confident to provide 100% quality embroidery work to our clients. We also give services of design revision like change in size, test and cooler modification. If you are somehow not happy with our work, advice us and we will do it again for you.

Welcome to the creative world of digital embroidery and digital works! Not many people may be familiar with digitizing works, and those who don’t may be missing out big time. This may be your chance to get to know this particular kind of work, and if you’re interested enough to mingle with our business. We’ll be more than glad and pleasured to provide you reliable information regarding our Services. Here at Abstitches we specialized in the creation of several digital works that include digital embroidery and screen printing.

3D Puff Digitizing
There are so many special types of embroideries which people are doing and especially the embroidery is done on clothes. If you think to start a business and earn a good profit then you can select the embroidery business that bests suits your life. You will surely earn good profit in this business and will receive good response of the people. You can search on internet for more orders on embroidery. There are lots of people who are not doing puff embroidery and they are not doing it. Some companies are giving embroidery orders and also guiding you to do under stitching because there are many people who are not doing this and just finishing the work without completing the work and asking for payment. There are many functions of puff embroidery and it is essential to do this embroidery for the quality work and pleasing the customer which has selected you to perform this work for him. If you will do your best then there are many chances that the person can become your permanent customer and can also guide his relatives to get their embroidery work done by you. This will increase you’re earning and you will become famous for the embroidery work.

Cap Digitizing
We can see that there are Cap Embroidery many people who are wearing different kind of caps. The caps are good and help to protect from sun light. It is also worn by people because it is running in fashion. There are different brands of caps available in the market. There are people who are doing the business of caps they are selling the caps and earning a good profit through it. The embroidery work has become so famous and good that people are having a Cap Embroidery and providing the cap a new look. The cap looks more caps in embroidery work and many people purchase it. Also it is one of the business tips and tricks to earn more profit. They are earning good profit on this and the sales of cap are receiving a good response. People doing this business are placing more orders for the embroidery work so that more customers can purchase it and they can tell their friends and relatives to purchase these caps. This will increase your number of customers too. Even the famous brands are also doing the embroidery work on the caps. to attract their customers so that they can still buy these caps of the same brand.

Left Chest Embroidery
“Abstitches”, has received appreciation in providing Digitizing Embroidery Services. It is mainly occupied in converting the designs given by customers into digitizing embroidery outlines. The soft copies of the drawings made by the company have high resolution pictures, striking appeal with lively colors as well as stylish fonts. Sensibly accomplished, its services are extensively appreciated for their efficiency along with timeliness.

Formats We Provide For Digitizing:
Melco (dos exp),
Tajima(.dst, Toyota,Pfaff,.zsk,.cnd,.fdr,.jef,.pes),

Vector Art Service:

Do you ever come to the point of asking why there are some images on the internet which when you download and view, show some pixels and do not look good anymore? Then, they also have huge file size which is not very reasonable. And do you ever wonder why there are also some images on the internet which when you download and view, appears to have an excellent quality even when you decide to resize it they still come out very good? In addition, they also set out to be very good for every detail of the image? This sounds to be very interesting, right? Well, let me introduce to you the power of Graphics. But, we should first learn what Vectors is?
Meanwhile, when we talk about the description of in the field of computer science, it is somehow similar. , in computer science, commonly refers to a certain form of arrangement. However, these arithmetical terms can be immediately correlated when we talk about the Graphics. So, when one refers to graphic, it basically refers to the images which are composed of points, lines and angles which do have a start and end point. Not the same with the pictures which are formatted in JPEG, PNG, PDF and others which are often seen pixilated. The major advantage of utilizing graphics is that when you want to resize it to a larger one, it will definitely stay even and flawless. Unlike with those images which are composed of dots and points, when you want to scale it up, the image will definitely suffer from being pixilated which is actually not good.
Format We Provide For Vector:
(Ai, Cdr, Eps, Svg, Indt, Indd etc)