About Us

Abstitches was founded in August 2003 as a digitizing services company and currently has a total staff strength of 180 people including 125 full time digitizers, 15 Vector Designers, 25 QA staff, 15 support staff including 4 customer service representatives, and the rest in administration and sampling with a capacity to handle about 350 designs a day so far. We mainly cater to Embroiderers and Apparel Manufacturers in Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom. Our digitizers work on some of the most sophisticated digitizing software such as Wings from Wilcom, Pulse, Melco Design Shop and also the Ethos software. So, in addition to the Tajima .DST format, we also deliver your digitized files in other formats.

About Our Digitizers – who will be doing your embroidery digitizing designs?

Equipped with the latest technologies (computer, digitizing software, digitizer tablet, etc.) in embroidery digitizing, all of our digitizers have at least 5 years of experience in the digitizing industry, many over 10 years. They are not just excellent in using embroidery digitizing software, but also knowledgeable about operating, or have in person operated embroidery machines. They know how to properly digitize a design based on different factors such as fabrics, textures, threads, sizes, placements and more, to ensure the best quality possible. Furthermore, they have artistic visions and they work with passion – most of them have been trained in graphic design. Our loyal customers appreciate how important a digitizer’s experience and technical and creative skills are in the world of embroidery digitizing. Due to the nature of embroidery, our digitizers will have to consider a lot of factors and apply proper techniques during the embroidery digitization process.